Auto Accidents 


Motor vehicle accidents can involve a wide range of vehicles, including:
Every day, people throughout the U.S. and Mexico are injured in serious motor vehicle accidents. Most of these accidents are preventable. They are usually caused by the carelessness of another driver. Auto accidents result in serious bodily injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and in some cases permanent injuries. We put the law on your side, and can help you seek full and fair compensation for all of the injuries and damages you have suffered. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, whether caused by a car, truck, SUV, tractor-trailer, or other type of vehicle, we can help.

At Guerra Law Group, P.L.L.C., we are committed to fighting for individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents who are seeking compensation from the responsible party and their insurance companies. We will help you deal with insurance companies to hold all negligent parties responsible for their actions.

Our auto attorney helps individuals who are unable to obtain medical attention following the car accident. Often, the process of seeking treatment is delayed or stopped altogether when the insurance company fails to provide benefits in a timely manner. We work with medical professionals to help you find the treatment that you need, putting the cost toward the amount we will seek from the insurance company. We are committed to helping you make a full and timely recovery.

We advocate for you with the insurance companies. Often these insurance companies work to avoid liability, at the expense of the injured person. We fight to ensure that you receive the damages and compensation that you are entitled to following the accident. 

Insurance companies have hundreds of lawyers representing their interests. When an insurance company tells you, “don’t worry, you don’t need a lawyer,” you need to be very careful. Injured people who try to recover damages from an insurance company on their own are often far less successful in obtaining everything the law allows. The injured party needs a lawyer, too. When you seek the assistance of a skilled attorney, however, the insurance company knows that you are serious about pursuing the claim. We will act on your behalf.

You need a car accident attorney you can count on

If you or a loved one has been hurt or injured in a car accident, please call us today at 956-616-4098. You can also reach us via e-mail. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, not accepting a fee unless we recover damages.

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